Son of Satan

Nick Name
Civilian ID

Daimon Hellstrom



Black Halo

Daimon Hellstorm

(The) Devil

King of Hell

Prince of Lies






Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Fire Lake, Greentown, Massachusetts
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations


San Francisco, California

St. Louis, Missouri

Washington D.C.

6' 1"
180 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Human/demonic hybrid with supernatural powers possessing superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability capable of channeling his "dark soul" (which manifest as a pentagram upon his chest) to control "soulfire," a mystical energy capable of causing pain within the life-force of others, flight, teleportation, physical transformation and time travel - among other abilities.


Fiery Chariot: Mystical chariot drawn by two demonic horses which was stolen from Satan. The chariot remains in an extra-dimensional netherworld until summoned.

Trident: Three forked staff made of netheranium, a psychosenstive metal found in the demonic realm of Satan, used to focus mystical energies.

Common Enemies



Note: Satan, whose true name is Marduk Kurios, is composed of aspects of the demons Asmodeus, Lucifer, Mephisto, Satannish, Thog and others.

Regularly Appearing

Defenders Vol. 1


Hellstorm: Prince of Lies

Marvel Spotlight

Son of Satan

First Appearance
Marvel Spotlight #12 (Oct. 1973)
Gary Friedrich & Herb Trimpe

A cabal by several Hell-Lords conspired to create a child via a human woman which would serve as a living battery drawing in the black energies created by the sins of mankind to give them the power to break through the walls of reality.

The demons created a being from their own aspects, the demon Marduk Kurios, who assumed the name Satan and came to Earth in human form. Drawn to a the human woman Victoria Wingate, who had been secretly conditioned by a satanic cult known as the Chapel of Dresden, the two married and produced both a son, Daimon, and a daughter Satana.

Despite satanic rituals being practiced in her home, Wingate and her son Daimon were unaware of Satan's true nature - although his daughter Satana often participated in her father's abominable rituals. It was when such a ritual was discovered by Wingate that she say her husband's true face and was driven insane and eventually institutionalized.

Satana was taken to Hell and raised by Satan while Daimon spent his childhood in an orphanage. While in a sanitarium Wingate wrote a diary recounting her life with Satan. She also acquired a mystical amulet which upon her deathbed she would bequeath to her son to protect him from his father's notice.

Spending the rest of his childhood in the orphanage, Daimon would eventually enter the priesthood. Before he was ordained Daimon would receive notification of his inheritance. Acquiring his mother's diary he learned the disturbing truth.

Telepathically contacted by Satan, Daimon was invited to join him in his demonic realm. Traveling through a secret interdimensional passage in his family home's basement, Daimon was beseeched by his father to ignore his mother's warnings and join him to serve in Hell. Given time to consider his options, Daimon decided to use his powers to challenge his father's evil. Invading Satan's realm he stole a mystic trident and chariot which he would use to battle evil as the Son of Satan.

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