Scarlet Spider I

Spider-Man II

Nick Name
Peter Parker's Clone
Civilian ID
Benjamin "Ben" Reilly

Coffee House Employee

Crime Fighter

Legal Status
Clone of Peter Parker
Nation or Planet of Origin
Queens, New York
Group Affiliation
New Warriors
Base of Operations
New York, New York
5' 10"
165 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Brown - Dyed Blond
Known Powers

Clone of Peter Parker who received a radioactive spider bite resulting in a mutation enabling the proportional strength, speed and agility of a spider including the ability to stick to most surfaces and a precognitive sixth-sense "spider-sense" warning of danger. Above average intelligence with skills as a scientist.


Spider-Tracers: Small homing devices launched from the web-shooters that emit a frequency activating Spider-Man's sixth sense.

Stingers: Small pointed projectiles fired from Web-shooters.

Web-Shooters: Wrist-mounted projectile device that fires a viscous high-tensile strength "web" fluid, stored in high-pressure cartridges mounted on the wrist housing, activated via triggers placed against the palm and activated by pressure from the middle fingers.

Common Enemies



Dr. Octopus II

Green Goblin I


Judas Traveler





Master Programmer

Molten Man

Mysterio I


(The) Pro

(The) Rose II






Vulture II

Regularly Appearing

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1

New Warriors Vol. 1

Peter Parker Spider-Man Vol. 1

First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #149 (Oct. 1975)
Gerry Conway & Mike Esposito

A clone created by the geneticist known as the Jackal was used in a bid of vengeance against Spider-Man for the accidental death of Gwen Stacy. The battle of the spider-men ended in what was assumed the death of both the clone and his creator in an explosion. Spider-Man disposed of his clone in a smoke stack incinerator, but he had survived.

Moving to the west coast the clone assumed the identity of Ben Reilly, named for his Uncle Ben and taking the maiden name of his Aunt May. Reilly had inherited the memories of his host Peter Parker and over the years kept tabs on his beloved aunt from afar. When Aunt May suffered a stroke and was near death, Reilly returned to New York, coming face to face with Peter Parker.

Parker thought of Reilly as the brother he never had and for a time the two fought crime together with Reilly assumed the identity of the Scarlet Spider. When Parker retired from being Spider-Man to Portland, Oregon, after the apparent death of his aunt and his wife Mary Jane became pregnant, Reilly assumed the mantle of Spider-Man.

Eventually it was revealed that events had been manipulated by Mastermind (Norman Osborn / Green Goblin I), who was also believed to be dead, to deceive Parker into believing he was actually a clone and Reilly was in actuality the real Peter Parker. Revealing his plan after the death of Reilly from being impaled by Green Goblin's glider, the idea of Parker being a clone is finally put to rest when Reilly disintegrates (apparently in true clone fashion).

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