Cat II



Nick Name
Civilian ID

Greer Grant Nelson


Greer Garson

Greer Grant

Greer Sorenson



Police Officer


Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Chicago, Illinois
Group Affiliation


New York Police Department

Base of Operations

Chicago, Illinois

Los Angeles, California

New York, New York

5' 10"
180 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Black - Morphs into Red
Known Powers

Scientifically and mystically enhanced human with advanced feline abilities including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability and senses. Enhanced senses are roughly five times more acute than a domestic house cat, and include the ability to sift through a highly diffuse group of odors and sense emotion through perspiration and pheromones. Feline attributes include vertically silted eyes, fur, feline claws, teeth and a three-foot long tail.


Cats Head Amulet: Once used to morph from human to cat form.

Common Enemies



Kraven the Hunter I

Master Pandemonium


Rat Pack


Regularly Appearing

Avengers Vol. 1 & 3

Avengers Academy Vol. 1

Avengers: Infinity Vol. 1

Avengers: The Initiative Vol. 1

(The) Cat Vol. 1

Fearless Defenders Vol. 1

Marvel Chillers Vol. 1

Tigra Vol. 1

West Coast Avengers Vol. 1 & 2

First Appearance

Cat I

(The) Cat Vol. 1 #1 (Nov. 1972)


Giant-Size Creatures Vol. 1 #1 (July, 1974)


Cat I

Linda Fite & Marie Severin


Tony Isabella & Don Perlin


As a laboratory assistant Greer Nelson was involved in an experiment to physiologically condition humans to obtain their full potential. Suspicious of the programs corporate financier, Malcolm Donalbain, the program director Dr. Joanne Marie Tumolo convinced Nelson to engage in the program along side Donalbain's test subject. Both test subjects were a success.

Donalbain's test subject, Shirlee Bryant, was outfitted with a cat costume which contained a will-nullifying collar. Bryant died as the result of Donalbain's testing of her abilities. To cover up the programs existence Donalbain ordered the laboratories destruction. Nelson and Dr. Tumolo survived the lab explosion. Donning one of Donalbain's cat costumes Nelson brought Donalbain to justice and pursued a brief crime fighting career as the Cat.

Unknown to Nelson, Dr. Tumolo was descended from a race of cat people evolved from felines in Medieval Europe. While the doctor was convalescing from her injuries she was abducted by the terrorist organization HYDRA, who wanted to acquire a bacterial culture developed by the Cat People. The Cat battled HYDRA to rescue her friend, but was injured by a radiation pistol. To save her life from radiation poisoning the Cat People mystically transformed Nelson into the half-human half-cat warrior called Tigra.

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