Nick Name

Winsome Wasp

Wondrous Wasp

Civilian ID
Janet "Jan" van Dyne


Fashion Designer

Independently Wealthy Socialite

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Cresskill, New Jersey
Group Affiliation



Lady Liberators

West Coast Avengers

Base of Operations
New York, New York

5' 4"

Varies from normal height to more than 60 feet to less than half an inch.

110 lbs. - Varies with size.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Exposure to subatomic mass particles (Pym Particles) enabling the ability to decrease or increase mass, density and size at will from an unknown extra-dimensional source. Achieves superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability when size is increased.

Genetic enhancements cause bio-synthetic insect wings to sprout, and activate an ability to project bio-electric stings from the hands when miniaturized.

Strength, speed and agility increase when size is decreased.

Note: Janet Van Dyne originally had to ingest Pym Particles to shrink, but prolonged exposure has made it possible to change at will.


Bio-Electric Stingers: Wrist mounted weapons capable of delivering either small needles or electric burst capable of disrupting a persons nervous system.

Note: genetic modifications make it no longer necessary for the Wasp to use artificial means of producing her bio-electric blast.

Common Enemies

Black Knight II



(The) Magician



Regularly Appearing

Avengers Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Avengers Classic Vol. 1

Marvel Feature Vol. 1

Marvel Triple Action Vol. 1

Mighty Avengers Vol. 1

Tales to Astonish Vol. 1 & 2

Uncanny Avengers Vol. 3

Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2

First Appearance
Tales to Astonish Vol. 1 #44 (June, 1963)
Stan Lee, Ernie Hart & Jack Kirby

An heir to a large fortune Janet van Dyne joined Dr. Henry Pym (Ant-Man I) after her father was killed by the Creature from Kosmos, an alien that Dr. Vernon Van Dyne had contacted via his experimental Gamma Ray Beam he was using to intercept communications signals from space.

Dr. Pym trusted the young van Dyne (who had a striking resemblance to his dear departed wife Maria) with his secret identity to bring justice to her father's murder. He outfitted her with a costume and exposed her to a specialized formula allowing her to miniaturize and sprout wings becoming the wondrous Wasp.

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