All-Star Squadron


Justice Battalion

Justice Society of America

Note: The Justice Society of America was renamed the Justice Battalion for the duration of World War II, joining with other heroes as the All-Star Squadron.

Nick Name

World's First Super Team

Founding Members

Atom I

Dr. Fate I

Flash I

Green Lantern I

Hawkman I

Hourman I

Johnny Thunder I

Sandman I

Spectre I

Justice Society Members

Amazing-Man III

Atom I

Atom Smasher II

Batman I

Black Adam

Black Canary I

Black Canary II

Black Condor II

Captain Marvel

Citizen Steel

Crimson Avenger III

Cyclone II


Dove II

Dr. Fate I

Dr. Fate IV

Dr. Mid-Nite I

Dr. Mid-Nite II

Flash I

Green Lantern I

Hawkgirl IV

Hawkman I

Hourman I

Hourman II

Hourman III

Huntress II

J. J. Thunder

Johnny Thunder I

Judomaster III

Liberty Belle II

Lightning III

Mr. America II

Mr. Terrific I

Mr. Terrific II

Plastic Man

Power Girl

Red Tornado I

Red Tornado II

Red Tornado III

Robin I

Sandman I


Spectre I

Spectre II

Starman I

Starman VII

Starman VIII

Star-Spangled Kid I

Star Spangled Kid II




Superman Earth-22

Wildcat II

Wildcat V

Wonder Woman I

Wonder Woman III

All-Star Squadron Members

Air Wave I

Amazing-Man I

Atom I

Black Condor I

Captain Triumph

Commander Steel

Crimson Avenger I

Dan the Dyna-Mite

Dr. Fate I

Dr. Mid-Nite I

Dr. Occult

Doll Man I

Firebrand I

Firebrand II

Flash I

Flying Fox

Fury I

Green Lantern I

Guardian I

Hawkgirl I

Hawkman I

Hourman I

Human Bomb I

"Iron" Munro


Johnny Quick I

Johnny Thunder I


Liberty Belle I

Manhunter I

Manhunter II


Miss America I

Mr. America I

Mr. Terrific I

Neptune Perkins

Phantom Lady

Plastic Man

Ray I

Red Bee I

Robotman I

Sandman I

Sandy the Golden Boy

Sargon the Sorcerer

Shining Knight

Spectre I

Starman I

Star-Spangled Kid I


Stuff the Chinatown Kid I


Tarantula I

Tiger II

Tigress II



Uncle Sam

Vigilante I


Wildcat I


Zatara the Magician

Privately funded super-powered task force.
Legal Status
Sanctioned by United States Government.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Earth and Thanagar
Group Alliances

Infinity Inc.

Justice League

Seven Soldiers of Victory


Young Justice

Base of Operations

Justice Society Headquarters and Museum, Manhattan, New York

Note: The Justice Society's original headquarters was located in Gotham City and was later relocated to Civic City in the late 1940's.


Steel Eagle: Super-sonic VTOL jet aircraft.

Resource of the Wesley Dodds (Sandman I) estate and group members.

Common Enemies

Black Adam

Black Barax

Black Reign

Brain Wave I

Eclipso I


Ian Karkull

Injustice Society

Johnny Sorrow

King Kobra

Lord of Time


Mr. Mind


Per Degaton

Professor Zodiak

Psycho-Pirate I

Psycho-Pirate II


Sin Eater

Spirit King

(The) Thinker


Vandal Savage

(The) Wizard

Regularly Appearing

All-Star Comics Vol. 1

All-Star Squadron Vol. 1

JSA Vol. 1

JSA: All Stars Vol. 1

Justice Society of America Vol. 1

First Appearance

Justice Society of America

All Star Comics Vol. 1 #3 (Winter, 1940)

Note: The first appearance of the Justice Society of America was an anthology collection showcasing some of DC Comics, then National Periodicals, premier characters outside of their respective titles. The quarterly appearances of the Justice Society in All-Star Comics only lasted two issues before becoming a regular bi-monthly title. Many characters came and went depending on their popularity. The Justice Society of America appeared in All-Star Comics from issue #3, until the title's cancellation with issue #57 in 1951. The demise of the Justice Society and All-Star Comics is marked by many comics historians as the end of the Golden-Age of comics.

All-Star Squadron

Preview: Justice League of America Vol. 1 #193 (August 1981)

First appearance: All-Star Squadron Vol. 1 #1 (September 1981)

Note: All-Star Squadron was intended to pay homage to the characters of the Golden-Age of comics and the majority of the stories were set during the World War II era.


Justice Society of America

Max Gaines, Sheldon Mayer & Garner Fox

All-Star Squadron

Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler & Jerry Ordway


The greatest heroes of their generation banded together to protect the nation against the Axis powers of World War II as the Justice Society of America.

To further protect the nation from saboteurs, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the creation of a team comprised of almost all of America's heroes which dubbed the All-Star Squadron.

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