Nick Name

Guardians of Space

Science Commandos

Science Ninja Team

Core Members

G-1 (Mark Cronus)

G-2 (Jason)

G-3 (Princess)

G-4 (Keyop)

G-5 (Tiny Harper)

Support Team



Chief Anderson (Dr. Kozaburo Nambu)

Colonel Cronus (Red Impulse)


Core Members Japanese Names

Eagle (Ken Washio)

Condor (Joe Asakura)

Swan (Jun)

Swallow (Jinpei)

Owl (Ryu Nakanishi)

Defense taskforce focused on extra-terrestrial threats.
Legal Status
Sanctioned and financed by Galaxy Security.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Alliances
Red Rangers
Base of Operations
Center Neptune, Pacific Ocean

Phoenix: Interplanetary spacecraft capable of transforming into a near-invincible flaming bird.

Note: The Phoenix is piloted by G-5 and has docking ports for the other team member's vehicles.

G-1: Summit Jet which docks on the rear forming an additional tailfin.

G-2: Spacemobile which docks on the nose cone.

G-3: Galacticycle which docks in a pod on the left wing.

G-4: Space Buggy which docks in a pod on the right wing.

Common Enemies

Agent S-9


Captain Doom

Luminous One (Generalissimo X/Sosai X)


Spectra (Gallactor)

Zoltar (Berg Katse)

Regularly Appearing
Battle of the Planets Vol. 1 & 2
First Appearance

Battle of the Planets Vol. 1 #1 (June, 1979)

Note: Gatchaman's first comics appearance was as a twelve issue series published by Gold Key comics starting in June, 1979.

Gatchaman, also known as Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman) was released as an animated half-hour television cartoon in Japan by Tatsunoko Productions, which produced an initial 105 episodes from 1972-1974.

The original cartoon and its spin-offs have been translated into several languages. The first English translation of the original cartoon aired in the United States under the title G-Force in 1978, and later retranslated as G-Force: Guardians of Space in 1987. The spin-offs Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter were combined into a cartoon called Eagle Riders in 1996.

After the 1978 release each subsequent translation gave the characters different names, but for argument sake I used the names from the first English translation.

Tatsuo Yoshida

Earth's resources dwindling and suffering from over-pollution, the International Scientific Organization (ISO) is established to improve environmental conditions.

A criminal group known as Spectra (Gallactor), lead by a mysterious extra-terrestrial being known as the Luminous One, attempts to destroy the ISO and dominate the world. The Luminous One instructs its masked agent, Zoltar, to unleash giant robotic monsters upon the Earth to plunder and wreak havoc.

Five brave teens, enhanced and trained from youth, are enlisted into a combat squad called G-Force, the Science Commandos.

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