Nick Name
The Demon
Civilian ID
Jason Blood & Etrigan

Jason Blood




Demon Sorcerer

Legal Status

Jason Blood

Citizen of the Great Britain with no criminal record.


Demon of Hell

Nation or Planet of Origin

Jason Blood

Medieval Great Britain



Group Affiliation

Jason Blood

Justice League


Demon Knights

Base of Operations
Gotham City

Jason Blood: 6'

Etrigan: 6' 4"


Jason Blood: 180 lbs.

Etrigan: 350 lbs.

Eye Color
Hair Color

Jason Blood: Red with White streak.

Etrigan: Bald

Known Powers

Immortal human with knowledge of mysticism capable of transforming into a demonic alter-ego with superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina and durability with sharp fangs and claws and an ability to emit mystical flames from the mouth.

Blood and his alter-ego are able to cast mystical spells and sense the past and future of others they encounter.

Blood or others with mystical talents can initiate the transformation by reciting the spell, "Change! Change! Transmogrify! Free the might from fleshly mire! Boil the blood in heart of fire! Gone, gone the form of man! Rise the Demon Etrigan."

Another spell must be cast to transform Etrigan into Jason Blood.

Common Enemies

Morgaine Le Fey


Supergirl III


Regularly Appearing

Blood of the Demon Vol. 1

The Demon Vol. 1, 2 & 3

The Demon: Driven Out Vol. 1

Detective Comics Vol. 1

Supergirl Vol. 2

First Appearance
The Demon Vol. 1 #1 (Aug. - Sept. 1972)
Jack Kirby

The last defender of Camelot against supernatural forces lead by the sorceress Morgaine Le Fey, the wizard Merlin unleashed a demon from hell. Although Etrigan wreaked havoc against the enemy, Camelot fell. Knowing he could not control the demon, Merlin cast a spell transforming Etrigan into a human.

Etrigan's human form lived through the centuries, apparently unaware of his demonic nature and would eventually settle in Gotham City under the name of Jason Blood.

Etrigan resurfaced to battle Morgaine Le Fey and other mystical menaces. Blood at first feared and despised his demonic self, but in time accepted his nature and has attempted to bring about a partial integration of his two personalities.

At times Etrigan serves as a hero and other times as a villain, but ultimately his goals appear to be the same as Jason Blood's, the destruction or domination of their alter-ego without destroying themselves.

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