Johnny Sorrow
Nick Name
True Face of Sorrow
Civilian ID


Silent Movie Actor

Vengeance Seeker

Legal Status
Officially deceased citizen of the United States.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Opal City
Group Affiliation
Injustice Society
Base of Operations
King of Tears dimension within the subtle realms.
6' 1"
190 lbs.
Eye Color
Blue - Now Invisible
Hair Color
Black - Now Invisible
Known Powers

Normal human altered by containment within a unknown dimension, now no longer constrained by the aspects of this dimension and capable of killing anyone that directly views his face.


Mask: Mystical face covering used to contain the altered form of Johnny Sorrow and allow him to manifest upon Earth's dimension for limited periods of time.

Subspace Transporter: Device used to phase or transport the wearer out of this dimension.

Note: No longer needed after being altered by the King of Tears dimension.

Common Enemies

Justice Society


Starman I

Regularly Appearing
JSA Vol. 1
First Appearance
Secret Origins of Super-Villain 80-Page Giant Vol. 1 #1 (Dec. 1999)
David Goyer, Geoff Johns & Phil Winslade

During the years of the second world war the high-tech criminal known as Johnny Sorrow menaced the citizens of Opal City.

Starman with the assistance of his allies in the Justice Society attempted to capture the thief, but Sorrow died when his sub-space transporter was damaged by Sandman's Wirepoon, fired by his sidekick Sandy the Golden Boy.

His spirit sent into one of the subtle realms, Sorrow was transformed into an emissary of doom by the realm's god known as the King of Tears so that it could conquer this realm.

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