Nick Name
Civilian ID

Harvey Dent

Note: During a brief period when Dent was cured both physically and mentally he renounced crime - but three imitators assumed the role of Two-Face.

In Batman Vol. 1 #50 (Dec. 1948 - Jan. 1949) the first imitator was a criminal henchman of Two-Face's known only as Wilkins - who disguised as his former boss designed to frame him for a series of crimes.

In Batman Vol. 1 #68 (Dec. 1951 - Jan. 1952) the second imitator was an actor named Paul Slone who while performing as Two-Face was coincidentally physically scared in the same manner. Convinced he was the true Two-Face, Slone committed several crimes before being apprehended by Batman and Robin and both physically and mentally cured.

In Detective Comics Vol. 1 #187 (Sept. 1952) the third imitator was a theater owner named George Blake - who abducted a reformed Dent and assumed his identity as Two-Face to commit crimes. Blake was easily found out to be an imitator by the Batman because he applied his makeup to the right side of his face.



Gotham City District Attorney

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin

Gotham City

Group Affiliation

Injustice Gang

Injustice League

Base of Operations
Gotham City
185 lbs.
Eye Color
Blue - Left Eye Bloodshot
Hair Color
Brown - Left Half Bleached White
Known Powers

Normal human with average strength for a man of his age, although his mania makes him exceptionally dangerous.

Excellent marksman.


Civilian and Military Weaponry.

Coin: Normal silver-dollar with one side scratched and scarred.

Note: Dent's psychosis forces him to use his coin to make decisions. If the unmarred side comes up when flipped he chooses to do no harm. If the coin comes up with the scarred side he chooses to do harm.

Common Enemies

Batgirl II

Batgirl III

Batgirl IV

Batman I

Harley Quinn

Huntress III

Nightwing III


Robin I

Robin II

Robin III

Regularly Appearing

Batman Vol. 1

Detective Comics Vol. 1

Harley Quinn Vol. 1

First Appearance
Detective Comics Vol. 1 #66 (Aug. 1942)
Bill Finger & Bob Kane

District Attorney Harvey Dent battled diligently against the organized crime families of Gotham City. He counted among his allies in the war against crime the vigilante known as the Batman. Among his friends was the millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, the Batman's alter ego.

During the trial of organized crime leader Boss Maroni, the mob boss disfigured Dent's face by splashing a bottle of acid, smuggled into the court, on the District Attorney's face.

The disfigurement segmented Dent's face into two halves, one attractive and the other hideously scarred. The scarring brought to the surface a repressed personality that had only shown itself on brief occasions. Now the dominant personality Harvey Dent became no-more, instead he became the criminal known as Two-Face.

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