Vandal Savage
Nick Name
The Last Caveman
Civilian ID

Vandar Adg

Various cultural aliases.




Legal Status
World citizen with a international criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Europe of 50,000 B.C.E.
Group Affiliation

(The) Illuminati

Injustice Society of the World

Secret Society of Super-Villains


Base of Operations
5' 10"
175 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Radioactively enhanced prehistoric human achieving virtual immortality with above average strength, speed, stamina, agility and senses.

Excellent combat skills, schooled in thousands of years of history, warfare and science.

Fortune amassed over several millennium.
Common Enemies

Flash I

Flash II

Flash III

Green Lantern I

Hawkman I

Immortal Man

Justice League

Justice Legion A

Justice Society

Resurrection Man



Regularly Appearing

Action Comics Vol. 1

Flash Vol. 1 & 2

Green Lantern Vol. 1

Titans Vol. 1

First Appearance
Green Lantern Vol. 1 #10 (Winter, 1943)
Alfred Bester & Martin Nodell

Before the dawn of recorded time two Cro-Magnon tribesmen, Klarn and Vandar Adg were exposed to a meteorite which bathed them in extraterrestrial radiation.

Becoming immortal Vandar Adg was free to exercise his dark desires for an eternity. Although Klarn would die he would return reincarnated for an eternity as Adg's arch-nemesis Immortal Man.

Not content to merely watch civilization progress with the passing of the ages Vandar Adg desired to shape the world to his own twisted purposes.

Discovering the technically advanced civilization of Atlantis, he built allies with others who sought power and wealth, desiring to rebuild the city in his own image. This ruling circle became known as the Illuminati.

Through the ages Adg would overtly control many civilizations as a pharaoh or Caesar, often he would work behind the scenes controlling the throne as an advisor. Other times he would manipulate foreign realms through the pervasive influence of the Illuminati.

In the modern era Adg has been challenged by super-powered heroes, which has forced him to take more direct control of his desires for conquest, adopting a name that pays homage to his ancient origins as Vandal Savage.

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