Nick Name
Civilian ID
Dr. Karl Lykos

Bio-energy Vampire



Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation

Brotherhood of Mutants

Weapon X

Base of Operations

New York, New York

Savage Land, Antarctica

200 lbs.
Eye Color

Lykos: Brown

Sauron: Red

Hair Color

Lykos: Brown

Sauron: None

Known Powers

Genetically altered human with the ability to absorb the life essence of other living beings to sustain himself.

Absorption of the life essence of mutants causes a transformation into a humanoid pterodactyl with razor-sharp claws and teeth possessing superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability capable of flight facilitated by large leather wings and mesmerism though direct eye contact.

Above average intelligence with skills as a medical doctor and psychotherapist regardless of state of transformation.

Common Enemies


Shanna the She-Devil


Regularly Appearing
Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1
First Appearance
X-Men Vol. 1 #60 (Sept. 1969)
Roy Thomas & Neal Adams

As a young boy Karl Lykos traveled with his father on an expedition to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Accompanying them were physician, Dr. Andersson, and his young daughter Tanya.

During the trip Tanya became lost within a cave where Lykos found her being attacked by gigantic pterodactyls, a flying reptile believed to be long ago extinct. Driving off the pterodactyls Lykos was severely bitten. Lykos' life was spared by the medical skills of Dr. Andersson and the boy would eventually live with the Anderssons after his father's death.

In an unexplained manner, the pterodactyl bites altered Lykos' genetics. He discovered a need to drain life energy from other living beings to survive. The first unintentional victim was his dog, whom Lykos drained of life energy simply by touch. Keeping his condition a secret, Lykos found himself forced to drain energy from other human beings for his own survival. Never crossing the line of murder Lykos merely left his victims temporarily weakened.

In time Lykos fell in love with his childhood friend Tanya, but her father refused to bless the marriage until Lykos became financially secure. Vowing to win his love, Lykos became a medical student studying in the field of psychotherapy. As he aged his need for life energy increased and Lykos constructed devices to drain life energy from others into himself.

Lykos links to the medical profession facilitated a professional relationship with Professor Charles Xavier, who was apparently aware of Lykos' condition.

Following a battle between the X-Men and the robotic Sentinels, teammate Havok was critically injured. Believing he was the only physician they could trust with the knowledge that Havok was a mutant the X-Men rushed him to Lykos' medical office.

After Havok's wounds were treated, Lykos' need for life energy became overwhelming and he used his equipment to drain life energy from the mutant. The mutant life energy triggered a strange metamorphosis, transforming Lykos into a humanoid pterodactyl. Although Lykos maintained his intelligence the transformation altered his personality, driving him into madness and acts of evil. Reveling in his new found powers Lykos continued to seek out the life energy of superhuman mutants to maintain his transformation into Sauron.

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